Number and Sound

The correspondence of number and sound inspired Pythagoras’ idea of a numerical order in the cosmos which can also be found in the harmonical intervals in music. Our cultural environment, in particular music and the performing arts, was shaped by this idea throughout many centuries. Johannes Kepler’s work „harmonices mundi“ first gave way to this idea to be confirmed tremendously in the laws of planetary orbits in our solar system.
In these days, Hans Kayer’s life work and his successors, give way to the vision of a harmonic order in the entire cosmos.

The Listening Man 

The term was created by Hans Kayser, in continuation of the discovery of Johannes Keppler’s harmonic sound of the planetary orbits. Thereby, he expanded the comprehension of harmonics as a concept of Listening – an Acroasis – to the World which enables man to recognize the total order of the World as the Sound of World within him/herself.
The development of this idea today leads mankind to a new, all enveloping consciousness. And consequently, to a new experience of and contribution to man’s participation in nature.

Experience Harmonics

Two ways to experience harmonics. One is to participate in harmonical works, for example during the annual „Symposion on Harmonics“. The other, to partcipate in one of the regular meetings of our Working Group on Harmonics in Nürnberg.
Or listen to harmonical music, such as the cult song oft he German Orthodox Monestary „Buchhagen“.

Shaping Harmonics

In these days, many friends of Harmonics contribute to the development – or even, the evolution – of Harmonics with own, individual studies, analysis and interpretations.
Among those, especially the works of Hartmut Warm on the „Signature of Spheres“ is exceptionally valuable.
A collection of many further works on harmonic orders in nature and in many splendid cultural testimonies can be found here.

Understand Harmonics

Some have very little difficulty in understanding Harmonics. Yet, there are also many missunderstandings, just as missinterpretations, from which we are explicitly distancing ourselves.
Both, to explain and to maintain our distance from missinterpretations, is our goal and our concern.
We also offer workshops and seminars for schools and adult education.

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